The following are a collection of composition and sound design projects, commissioned for brands.

Advertising Sound Design & Composition Showreel

A breathtaking property poised on a prime piece of land overlooking Sydney harbor. The Cavort team went to work and created a new level in real estate production. Creative aerials and filmic interiors make this a one of a kind in it's category.

Strategy: John Ford
Project Director: Katie Molloy
Project Manager: Danica Jenkins
Executive Creative Director: John Ford Creative Director / Art Director: Chris Gillespie Creative Director / Copywriter: Geoff Reid
Film Production: Ian Fowler
Website Design & Development: Chris Gillespie

Music: Sameer Sengupta
Translations: Etcom

The Audi TT Movement was developed to bring to life the proposition of iconic + athletic and to attract new buyers to the brand. I was brought in to create several audio pieces to accompany video pieces, such as this one (developed by UK graphics house Universal Everything), with several others for event. Agency: The One Centre Creative Directors: Phil Shearer and Simon Hong Digital Artwork Design & Production: Universal Everything The One Centre: Simon Hong & Michael Boston Sound Design: Sameer Sengupta Agency Producer: Chris Goffin

Bhuja Mix Case Study

Majans Bhuja Mix is an Indian inspired snackfood made with the family’s secret mix of spices. We were engaged to position, brand and promote the product in Australia, and I was appointed to createda unique experiential sampling program alongside the choreography by ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ star Adam Williams.